• Spectra Aqua Knight V2  LED
  • Spectra Aqua Knight V2  LED
  • Spectra Aqua Knight V2  LED
  • Spectra Aqua Knight V2  LED
  • Spectra Aqua Knight V2  LED
  • Spectra Aqua Knight V2  LED
  • Spectra Aqua Knight V2  LED
Spectra Aqua Knight V2  LEDSpectra Aqua Knight V2  LEDSpectra Aqua Knight V2  LEDSpectra Aqua Knight V2  LEDSpectra Aqua Knight V2  LEDSpectra Aqua Knight V2  LEDSpectra Aqua Knight V2  LED

Spectra Aqua Knight V2 LED

spectra aqua knight V2 led aquarium light


Spectra 36W Aqua Knight V2  LED Aquarium light with touch control sunrise sunset coral reef marine light

Its main features are as follows:
2,LED changes from original scattered light source to dense matrix chips.
programmable timing control for three time periods.

spectra aqua knight V2.jpg


Using the dense matrixchips, and USES the 90 ° optical lenses and optical reflective cup double secondary LED distribution,the light spread more evenly, avoiding the dico flare, and increases the penetration.

aqua knight V2

Touch control technology, no mechanical keys, simple and beautiful.
With LCD display, more convenience for you to see what data you have setted.

spectra aqua knight V2 touch control

Using intelligent temperature control fan, according to the radiator surface
temperature, gradient control fan rotation rate, mute effect is better.

Full spectrum led and perfect for your corals.

full spectrum aqua knight V2 SPECTRA

Spectra aquarium timing control for aqua knight V2

Timer control spectra aqua knight V2

Spectra aquarium led aquarium light factory

We are the ONLY factory of all the Spectra LED products.

Q:What is the leading time from spectra aquarium led light factory

A: We usually arrange the production immediately after receiving your payment if we have the item in stock. Otherwise, please confirm with us for lead time.

Q: What is your accepted payment type?
A: TT, Wire transfer, Paypal. We only accept Paypal for payment amounts below USD1000.

Q: What logistic forwarder do you usually work with?
A: We work with DHL, TNT, UPS, FEDEX and other logistric forwarders. Assigned your own forwarder for shipment is available.

Q:The Spectra LED aquarium light screen doesnt display
A: 1. The Spectra LED power plug is not properly inserted or the switch is not turned on,

Check the plug and turn on the switch

2. The water joint is not properly connected,

Recheck and connect it well

Machine fault,

Sent to after-sale service department for repair

Q: What is the WIFI password for the Spectra Aquarium light, such Spectra Aqua Helios M018 sereis and Spectra aqua sphere M031 series?

A: Password: 12345678

Q: What is the Voltage of Spectra led aquarium lights?
A: AC 110-240V,suitable for all over the world.

Q: What plugs do your factory provide?
A: We have EU plugs, UK plugs, US plugs, Brazil Plugs ect, you can base on your need to choose the accordingly power supply plug.

Q: What is the warranty for Spectra aquarium LED products?

A: The users can enjoy one-year/12months free warranty (the external appearance is not covered within the warranty scope) or accessories replacement service since the purchase date.

The following situations are not covered within the warranty scope and only maintenance service is provided, but you need to pay for relevant charges:

1.All damages ascribed to human factors, including use the device in abnormal operating environment, use it without following the instruction manual and the damage caused by improper preservation, etc.

2.The damages caused by usersown disassembling and repairing, without our companys authorization

3.The damages caused by usersDIY the lamp panel, without following the instructions and DIY lamp panel operation instructions.

4.The damages caused by usersown improper transportation or other force majeure factors after the purchase of the device.

5.Normal wear, such as the deterioration of the consumption goods and components.

In addition, with regard to the damages caused by using our products on non-aquarium products, Specctra aquarium our company assumes no responsibility. The warranty service is free during the warranty period, but with regard to other services or the expiration of warranty period, we will charge corresponding fees according to the situation. Since there are some slight differences concerning specifications of different batches of products, SPECTRA Aquarium reserves the final interpretation right.

Q: How to set the STA mode/one APP control a few units SPECTRA Aqua Helios M018 series led aquarium light?

【Step One】Operate on lamp panel, enter “5.System”--“2.WIFI Config”--“2.WIFI STA Mode”, select “Yes”, and press OK key for confirmation, after the lamp restarts, the panel indicator light is in circulation state of “flicker for two times--go out for one time”, then it switches to the state waiting for connection of WIFI STA Mode.


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