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SPECTRA AQUARIUM(Spectra Aqua) factory was established by a team who developed and built the SANRISE & SPECTRA AQUARIUM brands since 2012. We researched the developed the SANRISE led aquarium light, such as Aqua Sanrise A005, Aqua Sanrise Plus A018, Aqua pro Plus A015 and Aqua planet A031,Aqua Knight nano A029 ect, caught a lot of eyes at Aquarama,MACNA,Pet Expo, CIPS, INTERZOO and sell popular all over the world.

The SPECTRA AQUARIUM factory continue motivated with the mission of developing and delivering the best possible aquarium LED lights for aquarium enthusiasts.We will continue to produce the high quality advanced aquarium products to the market and continue to design the new aquarium equipment in future.

SPECTRAQUA are dedicated to providing the best photosynthesis to your corals, fishes and plants, and the aesthetics of our affordable lighting systems to your room. The product features with the smart system, quality and function. Our controller is developing from IR, 2.4Giga Hertz to Wi-Fi today, by which you can set the intensity of the spectrum from 0% to 100% via any IOS and Android devices freely. A range of products under the Spectra Aquarium LED brand to suit different sizes and types of setup with Aqua Helios M018-30/60/90/120, Aqua Sphere M031, Aqua Knight M029,Aqua Knight V2 M029-V2, Aqua Knight V3 M029-V3, Pico V2, Mirco V2, SPECTRAQUA Sp20, aqua Classic F001-60/90/120, M8,A001,A008,A009,IPL series ect...

SPECTRA AQUARIUM products are developed not only by our experienced research and development team, but also originally inspired by the nature. Each lighting model have been thoroughly tested and perfected in real aquarium setups by dozens of hobbyist and our engineers for several months. The series of facts would definitely convince you that you will love the aesthetic and practical results.

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